Product Development

At Laser Optical Engineering we have extensive experience in the area of Research & Development having worked on projects from both government and privately funded sources.

An example of this is our ExDtect which provides real-time stand-off explosive residue detection.  The system can be remotely operated and provide automated warnings. The current system can detect Semtex and ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (AN/FO) based explosives. The ExDtect is continually being developed to expand its range of detectable explosives.

Other projects we have been involved in cover a wide range and include:

  • Detection of buried objects
  • Non-destructive testing using laser shearography of hidden defects in manufactured components
  • Optical inspection and vibrational analysis of engine components
  • Optical inspection, design and development of bras
  • Laser induced fluorescence detection of trace substances, such as explosives and bodily fluids. 
  • Multispectral imaging for the counting of people in vehicles

We take innovative ideas from concept all the way through to production.

Previous collaboration with industry and academia have resulted in:

  • Sensor and monitoring systems for improving¬†efficiency and quality of laser welding processes through closed loop control.
  • Surface Crack, Universal Total Inspection and NDT Surface Examination (SCRUTINISE) project to develop a novel system to detect surface cracks.
  • 3D copper tracks/circuitry production on 3D aerospace structures, using lasers to write in to the copper.

Our project teams have complete autonomy to deliver results. At their disposal is a pool of resources; creative, talented engineers with an in-depth knowledge of industry and regulation, and access to extensive laboratories and prototyping facilities.