Diffractive Optical Elements

Our holographic diffractive optical elements (DOEs), are available as standard designs for common beam shapes or can be customised to a particular application for optimum performance. Our highly efficient multi-level holographic kinoform designs efficiently convert the incident laser beam into the required image in the output field minimising the energy losses associated with binary diffractive structures.

Our lenses are suitable for use with a wide range of systems from high materials processing through to low powered illumination applications. Optics are available with mounting kits allowing easy installation into existing laser systems or as individual lenses to slot into industry standard mounts.

We have produced reflective DOEs for CO2 lasers for a number of applications from beam splitting to complex heat profiles for welding applications. Available with a custom mounting box; these optics are very durable and have been industrially proven over many years. Transmissive DOEs are a more recent addition to our portfolio, having been in development for 10 years and in production for almost 5 years. Fabricated in fused silica to fit most standard lens holders, these make a compact and flexible optical set up for single mode and multi-mode lasers.


In addition to standard optics, we have produced DOEs for custom wavelengths in specific applications. These include reflective beam splitters producing a total of 81 individual spots for a 3┬Ám source and pattern generating DOEs for a UV laser. These and other wavelengths can often be accommodated due to our flexible and highly controllable manufacturing techniques. DOEs for other wavelengths including the Mid-IR and UV can be produced as bespoke designs thanks to our flexible manufacturing process. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will be pleased to prepare a proposal appropriate to your intended application.