Laser Consultancy and Services

Laser Safety Advice, Laser Safety Systems

Laser Optical Engineering delivers a comprehensive range of service capabilities all carried out by highly qualified engineers. We can provide laser consultancy services relating to a variety of applications and situations including bespoke research, project development and safety systems.

Our experienced engineers can provide non-destructive testing services using laser shearography systems, designed and manufactured by our own fully qualified people. We can test your composite structures for internal anomalies either in-house or on site. Our engineers are also experienced in bespoke machine vision for optical inspection, analysis, condition monitoring and product evaluation through imaging and software evaluation tailored to your needs.

Are you looking to create a safe laser based environment for your workforce? Ask about our laser safety advice and/or testing services carried out by our knowledgeable engineers. We can provide testing/classification of LED’s and laser based products to the latest BS EN 60825 Pt1 including a test certificate.

If you are looking for fume hazard analysis and the ongoing monitoring of particulates, we are able to provide on-site services to suit your requirements.


Our project teams have complete autonomy to deliver results. At their disposal is a pool of resources; creative, talented engineers with an in-depth knowledge of industry and regulation, and access to extensive laboratories and prototyping facilities.