Laser Shearography

Laser Non-Destructive Testing, Laser Optical Inspection

Defect Dtect Laser Shearography System


Defect Dtect is a small, modular and versatile laser shearography system comprising an illumination module, an imaging module and a control unit. This affordable system provides whole-field, non-contact, optical inspection and non-destructive testing for rapid wide-field inspection of composites, bonded structures and other advanced materials. Loading the target using either thermal or mechanical load allows the user to assess the structure of a component. The Defect Dtect system enables a rapid detection of defects such as delaminations, disbonds, impact damage and other sub-surface abnormalities.  The control unit houses the processor and allows for storage and transportation of the head modules.

The user friendly software incorporates a number of image processing and report generation functions enabling areas of interest to be highlighted and recorded. A timeā€“lapse video function allowing you to observe the target structure as it deforms under continuous loading.

Vac Dtect Portable Laser Shearography System


Vac Dtect is a small portable shearography system mounted on a vacuum chamber to providVac Dtect is a small portable laser shearography system mounted on a vacuum chamber to provide the structural loading. Placed on the target surface, the system provides a constant vacuum to lock the instrument to the surface. The loading is provided by the user switching between present vacuum levels. This is typically used in the non-destructive testing, optical inspection and analysis of composite components in the marine and aerospace industries. The lightweight and compact form of the instrument allows fast evaluation of large areas. The operating software feature the full functionality of the Defect Dtect system.

Laser Optical can also provide laser consultancy services incorporating laser shearography on demand.