Laser Optical Engineering Ltd (LOE) offers a range of Laser and Optic based products for use in a range of industries/sectors and applications.

Our team of experienced engineers are on hand to offer advice on the product(s) best suited to your requirement should you require it and can also offer advice on Laser Safety aspects.

Here is a brief overview of some of our laser safety products:

Our Laser Safety Cabinets are manufactured in house by our team of qualified engineers and we are therefore able to offer bespoke designs in such areas as overall cabinet size, cable entry and door sizes to suit your requirements.

In conjunction with our Laser Safety Cabinets we also manufacture our own interlock system [iNTELLILOCK] which keeps your laser users safe.

Another Laser Safety product manufactured and provided by Laser Optical Engineering Ltd (LOE) is Helmet Visor Strips which can be applied to any helmet visor and provides the wearer with protection from laser pointers and are used by police forces in the UK.

Laser Optical Engineering Ltd (LOE) offers Shearograpy Systems which can be purchased as a basic model or can be bespoke to suit a particular application:

Our Defect Dtect system is a small, modular and versatile shearography system comprising an illumination module, an imaging module and a control unit.

We also supply a Vac Dtect system, typically used in the analysis of composite components in the marine and aerospace industries and which can be used in conjunction with the Defect Dtect system.

Our Diffractive Optical Elements are available as standard designs for common beam shapes, or can be customised to a particular application for optimum performance.