Product Development

At Laser Optical Engineering we have extensive experience in the area of Research & Development having worked on projects from both government and privately funded sources.

Projects we have been involved in cover a wide range and include:

  • Vibrational analysis of engine components
  • Design and development of bras
  • Laser induced fluorescence detection of trace substances
  • Multispectral imaging for the counting of people in vehicles.
  • Detection of buried objects and hidden defects

We take innovative ideas from concept all the way through to production.

An exciting new project for 2016…..
A new research and development project is underway for Laser Optical Engineering Ltd [LOE] and Inspection Technologies Ltd [ITL] to develop a novel system to detect surface cracks. The Surface Crack and Universal Total Inspection and NDT Surface Examination project [short name SCRUTINISE] commenced in November 2015. This Eurostars funded project also includes a third partner, RPR Technologies AS, who are based in Norway. The 2 year project brings together expertise in laser imaging and non destruction testing systems [LOE], measurement, electrostatic and RF fabrication techniques [ITL] and NDT technology in the surface treatment industry [RPR].

In November 2015 LOE and Moulded Circuits Ltd [MCL] were awarded a grant by the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme [NATEP] to develop a laser writing system to product 3D copper tracks and circuits on 3D aerospace lightweight structures.  The project  brings together LOE’s experience in designing and producing innovative laser systems and MCL’s expertise in plated polymers and composites; with MBDA UK Ltd as the industrial supporter. The 18 month project will create the ability to produce fully functional circuitry directly onto 3D parts.  This will enhance functionality and enable them to become part of a larger product or system, reducing size, weight and cost.  See and

LOE is currently working as a  project partner within the RADICLE consortium. This is a Eurpoean H2020 project aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of laser welding processes through closed loop control.  LOE is providing monitoring systems which will be evaluated alongside existing systems by TWI and MTC. For more information on this please see:

Our project teams have complete autonomy to deliver results. At their disposal is a pool of resources; creative, talented engineers with an in-depth knowledge of industry and regulation, and access to extensive laboratories and prototyping facilities.