Laser Safety

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Interlock Systems

A fully configurable laser interlock system providing a safety control system which can be fitted to single cabinets through to entire rooms. The access and control of the system is governed by an RFID log in, allowing the regulation of individual access times for its users. The iNTELLILOCK system can be fully integrated into our range of laser safety cabinets, providing a complete safety solution for your laser use needs.

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Safety Cabinets

Our range of laser safety cabinets can be provided in bespoke sizes to fit to your system requirements.  The cabinets are all fitted with roller doors, the size and number of which can be tailored to your needs.

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Visor Strips and Anti Dazzle Glasses

As supplied to Police forces in the United Kingdom, our visor strips provide protection from hand held laser pointers.  They are provided with fitting instructions to allow easy installation by the user.
Our Anti Dazzle Glasses mitigate the effect of laser illumination on pilot eyesight, by placing a filter between the pilot’s eye and the source of the attached. See our webshop for more details and how to buy

See John Tyrer’s recent press coverage following the laser strike on a passenger plane.

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