Diffractive Optical Elements

Our holographic diffractive optics (DOEs), are available as standard designs for common beam shapes, or can be customised to a particular application for optimum performance. Our highly efficient multi-level holographic kinoform designs efficiently convert the incident laser beam into the required image in the output field minimising the energy losses associated with binary diffractive structures.

Our lenses are suitable for use with a wide range of systems from high materials processing through to low powered illumination applications. Optics are available with mounting kits allowing easy installation into existing laser systems or as individual lenses to slot into industry standard mounts.

Standard and customised designs are available as reflective mirrors for 10.6µm CO2 lasers and transmissive lenses for 1µm and visible beam sources. DOEs for other wavelengths including the Mid-IR and UV can be produced as bespoke designs thanks to our flexible manufacturing process.






Download Diffractive Optics Fact Sheet